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Query for ActiveCurrencies should return empty array on ProductRatePlan without charges

If you query for active currencies on a product rate plan that does not have any charges, the response is a 500 with message "You have provided an invalid product rate plan id in your "where" clause."  This message is misleading because the product rate plan IS valid.  Further the ProductRatePlan is not in an invalid state and merely has no active currencies.  As such, the response should be a success (200) with an empty value.

This is causing us issues because we use automatically generated code based on the wsdl with object specific modifications where necessary.  We query for ActiveCurrencies during the life cycle of a ProductRatePlan. One of those times is upon creation before charges have been added which means we will run into this error. We can figure out some way to translate this 500 and specific error message into an empty array to work around this response. I'd rather see your endpoint updated so it's easier to work with on our end.

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