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Product catalog - price list periodization

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Product catalog - price list periodization

There are no information about what period the price list is valid in todays solution (ProductRatePlanChargeTier) making it hard to both report and invoice the correct price if the price list is not updated at the same day as it should be valid from (making it possible to use CreatedDate). Price list updates are hardly ever updated on the same date as it should be valid from.

I'm also missing the direct link between RatePlanChargeTier and ProductRatePlanChargeTier to make it possible to report across multiple business units and/or customers using different currencies, as the RatePlanCharTier is in the customers currency, while the ProductPlanChargeTier has records for all currencies.
NB! Adding ValidFromPeriod in ProductRatePlanChargeTier will solve my reporting across different currencies, but it would still be benefitial to have the foreign key link as well.

These are my suggestions for enhancement.

1 Price list periodization
Adding a 'Valid from date' to ProductRatePlanChargeTier, representing from when the price list becomes valid.
This will make it so much easier to both report and invoice correct prices independent on when the price list is updated.

2 Foreign key towards ProductRatePlanChargeTier in RatePlanChargeTier
Add 'productrateplanchargetierid' to RatePlanChargeTier to reference the correct record in product rate plan charge tier used for this charge, and enable cross business unit reporting in the same currency.
However, adding 'valid from date' to the price list (ProductRatePlanChargeTier) will also sort the problem as I've got the term start from the subscription that the rate plan belongs to, and could use this to get the information from the price list.