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Re: Preview existing subscriptions via API - Status changed to: Implemented

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Preview existing subscriptions via API

Feature Request: Currently, Zuora only allows users to preview a subscription via the subscribe() call when creating a new subscription. For an existing subscription, users cannot preview it via our API.  Users have to log into Zuora UI to preview an existing subscription.  We need an API function that allows users to preview existing subscriptions. 

Reference Number: DE7874

Business Need: Users may not have access to Zuora UI and they need to preview existing subscriptions.

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Status changed to: Implemented



Can subscription preview be done in other way than from Zuora UI ?

Can i preview subscription details from data source export ? 

Savvy Scholar
Savvy Scholar

Zuora-Support changed the status to "Implemented".


Could you then tell us which API does preview of existing subscriptions? It's sure doesn't look like