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Option to Expire Non-Recurring (out-of-term) Subscriptions

On a recurring subscription,  when a renewal occurs,  that first subscription version is set to "Expired" and a new "Active" version is created.  In the event that a cancellation occurs the status is set to "Cancelled"

On a non-recurring (1 period) subscription,  when the end date on the first version has passed,  the subscription remains "Active".    Zuora considers this to be "out of term", but doesn't offer any field on the subscription to indicate this.   Instead I have to pass in a date parameter to figure out what is "Active" and what is essentially "Expired".   Getting an accurate count of Active, Expired, and Cancelled subscriptions is harder than it should be. 

I would like the option to set non-recurring subscriptions to "Expired" when their end_date passes.  



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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration