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Multidirectional Search in Select Product for New Product Amendment

Currently when an amendment is created to add a product to a subscription after clicking on "Add New Product & Rate Plan" a Dropdown search box is made available where we search for the product we would like to choose a rate plan from. This search however only returns products based on the first word of the product. ie. if a product has a name of "Best Product Ever Silver" only searches which begin with the word "best" will return this result. The requested functionality would be to be able to do multi-directional searching on the string so that this product would be included in the result set for search's which start with the words "Product", "Ever", or "Silver." ( in a query this would be: Where product like '%xxxxx%', instead of: Where Product like 'xxxx%' )


This would be very useful when there are multiple products with similar names or having the same prefix and the distinguishing factor is in the last couple of words / characters.

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Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Unlikely

This is a good idea, but unlikely to be done in the short term.