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Make "End of Billing Period" Amendments Easier

Currently when you cancel a subscription you have the option to have the cancellation go through at the end of the billing period.  Zuora figures out what this is and the cancellation happens with no headaches. 


But if you want to process other types of amendments in this fashion, say an add/remove product or an update product you have to figure out that date yourself.  To do that you have to find the charged_through_date on the most recent rate_plan_charge you are amending.  Now this would only be kind of a pain, but sometimes charged_through_date is null since the customer hasn't yet been invoiced for that rate plan charge.  If that happens you then have to look at every parameter on the rate plan charge to reverse engineer what the end of the billing period should be.


Zuora should provide the option for amendments to occur end of billing period for all amendment types not just cancellations or on each rate plan charge provide a consistent way to find the end of the billing period.

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Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration