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Make it easier to search for or reach a subscription from the address bar

The URL for Account searches in Zuora exposes the search terms, like so:


The URL for Subscription searches does not expose search terms:


One advantage of exposing the search terms is that users can create keywords for search engines in the browser. This allows us to initiate a search directly from the address bar. Zuora's current behavior requires us to load the subscription page and activate the search term field before we can start a search. Compare this to an account search, where with a few seconds of setup I can now type "za Account A" in my address bar to initiate a search for Account A.


Alternative ideas:

  • Place the cursor into the search field when loading the Subscriptions list page.
  • Create a URL schema that accepts a Subscription Name and routes the user to the current version of that subscription.
  • Generate permalinks for subscriptions that route the user to the current version.