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Re: Improvements to Product Catalog UI - Status changed to: More Feedback Needed

Improvements to Product Catalog UI

Feature Request:  

The client has reported the following quirks in the Zuora UI. They are not show-stoppers, rather quality of life issues that make "managing the Zuora product catalog an unpleasant experience".

When viewing the product catalog, the List View only shows 6 items at a time unless you click the Expanded View tab and then move back to the list view tab, then it shows 25 items. Why can't it show 25 items by default?

Proposed Solution - Make the product catalog via show 25 items by default

After selecting a catalog view, if you then select an item in the catalog and then select ‰Û¡ÌÝÌ back to Product Catalog List‰Û¡ÌÝå , you are not brought back to the view you left, but are instead brought back to the default catalog view. This makes managing the product catalog maddening when you have lots of products, especially when combined with the next item.

Proposed Solution - Selecting "back to Product Catalog List" should take users to the previous view, not the default view

When selecting a catalog view, it takes two clicks (4 if you count clicking between expanded and list views) to get to the view. You must first expand the items under Base/Addon/Misc, and then select Current underneath. It would be much better to just select (for instance) Base Products and be shown all the active base products.

Proposed Solution - When selecting a catalog view, users should be able to just select, for instance, Base Products and all active base products should be shown. The number of clicks should be reduced.

It would be helpful to us if we could define additional product categories. For now we are just dumping all the categories not supported under misc, but it would be better if we could define new categories and have them show up under Catalog Views. This would make it much easier to manage things like hardware, setup fees, etc.

Proposed Solution - Users can create custom product categories

Reference Number: DE7635

Business Need: Users are spending more time than needed to navigate through the product catalog.

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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Status changed to: Under Consideration