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Get subscription product features by account - method

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Get subscription product features by account - method

In our company we use Product Features to provision customers access to the software they are subscribing to, or to get specific support agreements. 

So we have developed integrations towards different provisioning platforms based upon Product Feature entitlements.


We find that Zuora lacks a few essential features to retrieve subscription product features. This forces us to find workarounds, often resulting in inefficient solutions that both require much effort to build and increase the data traffic from Zuora unnecessarily.


Zuora would add alot of value for us if you could provide a "Get subscription product features by account" method in the REST API featuring segmenting like charge-detail in the existing "Get subscriptions by account"   https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/GET_SubscriptionsByAccount


A workaround like running the Data Query functionality might be our best option right now, but I would still like to check if Zuora will consider to enhance/extend the API to support this. 


Thank you


Karina 🙂