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Feedback for new Account search feature [April 2014 Release R175]

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Feedback for new Account search feature [April 2014 Release R175]

In our latest release [R175] we have introduced a new account search feature.  This search provides the following:

Improved performance and new advanced options for customer account search


We've given you more power to quickly find the right customer accounts:

  • Advanced search options: Narrow your search range by specifying customer account field and type of search (starts with, contains, or exact match)
  • Improved performance: Search results are returned more quickly, especially when searching large number of accounts.

If the 'Custom Field' permission is enabled in your tenant settings, the advanced search option 'Custom Field(s)' will also be available. Selecting this option will perform a search across all of your custom fields at once.

See Finding Customer Accounts for more information.


We value customer feedback on all of our upgrades.  Please provide us with your thoughts on this new account level search feature.  

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