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Re: 'Expired' Subscriptions should display the status as 'expired'

'Expired' Subscriptions should display the status as 'expired'

The subscriptions that are not renewed ( either manual or auto) on the renewal due date should be marked as 'expired' once the renewal due date is past.

Currently, it continues to be displayed as 'Active' which is misleading.


This would be very helpful as we both have one-time/ consultancy subscriptions (which is always one-time and shouldn't be active at all except to produce the one time invoice), test license subscriptions with an end date and no auto renew, and evergreen license subscriptions that should have status active until they are deliberately cancelled. So that all subscriptions have status active is confusing in separating them.


Also, our one-time consultancy subscriptions always get a one month term, which is confusing to our customers on their invoice. Can the initial term be 0?


i would think this would be a no-brainer to fix ASAP. how can anyone keep track of subscriptions that were not renewed.  You'd want to be able to know that these have now expired. with out a renewal action. 


I would expect a subscription that has exceeded its end date to automatically be set to an expired status.

I do not want to be manually checking / reporting / updating to ensure my subscription statuses are kept updated.

Is there any further update as to when this basic functionality will be added?


This would be helpful for us as well, we have many upfront hardware charges that are one-time only, along with shipping, which all continue to show active indefinitely.  Having them flip to expired would make things far easier for us to track.


Most Zuora customers are having to jump through hoops to keep their reporting correct. What would it really take to add this status?? It should not be that complicated.

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is it still planned?


This came as a surprise to us that subscriptions which are past date never come to an Expired status. Can you please share us when it would be fixed? We would appreciate if we can get a time line.

As the previous user said, it should be  no-brainer fix. Why are we taking so long to fix it? 


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@Zuora-Community is it still planned?

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@Zuora-Community I am very surprised that still has not been addressed over the past few years. Is there a technical issue preventing this implementation? Perhaps adding a new boolean parameter to a subscription indicating if the subscription is passed its expiration date? It seems ridiculous that we will need to wait until a customer pays and their method is declined in order to determine if a subscription is expired? https://community.zuora.com/t5/Subscriptions/How-to-find-the-Zuora-subscription-is-expired/td-p/1003... "Expired: The Expired status does not indicate that a subscription has ended. In Zuora, the Expired status is used to identify old versions of a subscription. When you create a Subscription Amendment, you create a new version of the subscription. The subscription information is copied to the new version and the Subscription detail page lets you view all previous versions of the subscription. The status of the previous versions is Expired. Regardless of dates, the previous versions of the subscription will always be Expired and the latest will be 'Active', 'Cancelled' or 'Suspended' (depending on the type of the amendment made). Cancelled: During the subscription term, a customer may decide to discontinue their subscription to your company's services. This customer might want to cancel their subscription effective immediately, on a specific date, or at the end of the current term. To stop billing a customer account, you can cancel the subscription entirely. You can cancel active subscriptions and cancelling a subscription preserves the historical data." Is the only solution to check if every subscription has expired before providing the service to the customer? Meaning, we will have to actively manage the status of a subscription on our end and cancel it accordingly?