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Customer-Level Volume Discounts

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Customer-Level Volume Discounts

We need to be able to track subscriptions at the site level, in order to automate our provisioning process and get detailed site-level P&L reporting.


However, there are occasions where we offer volume discounts to customers, based on the number of sites or the cumulative number of transactions processed in that period. The complexity here is that the subscriptions are site-level and the discount is at a higher level (customer level - across ALL sites).


Has anyone come up with a way to support this with current capabilities? the best we have come up with so far is creating negative charges to act as that "discount" and loading in usage each period with the count of sites, transactions,etc. Ideally, we would like to automate this process.

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Wanting the same functionality here!    What i have done, is create a product with two rate plans, one is the Price Per Unit and the other is a Discount Charge Model.   But we have to manage the discount, Zuora does not have anything that is a volume base discount.