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Create "Update a Product" amendment directly from the charge to be amended

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Create "Update a Product" amendment directly from the charge to be amended

Issue: Currently, a user entering an amendment to a charge must first create the amendment and then select the charge to amend from a drop-down form field. Finding the correct charge in this field is cumbersome when amending subscriptions with many charges (50+, 100+, 300+, pick your interpretation of "many").


Proposal (less development work required): Provide a UI element on charges that allows the user to initiate an "Update a Product" amendment, with the correct charge pre-selected on the amendment form. This would allow users to find the correct charge more easily with their browser's built-in page search tools.


Alternate proposal (more dev work required, cleaner UI): Allow changes on all fields in the charge component drop-down view (the same way that Zuora allows changes to custom fields). For changes requiring an amendment, bring up the normal Amendment Information form to capture an Amendment Name and Charge Description. Pass all the changes entered on the charge to the Amendment Detail: New Charge Information form. require the user to verify those changes by clicking Done and proceed with the amendment as normal. This approach would also invoke the testing Zuora performs on whether an amendment is allowable without additional development work.