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Change what date the subscription-invoice preview screen starts from

Per Shawn (shawn.seath@solarwinds.com):

In Zuora when we preview a subscription, it appears to always starts at the (original) Subscription Start Date, which can result in more than 1 full year of months that already occurred prior to the most recent renewal. So, we have to scroll down to the latest renewal date and review the impact of our most recent amendment there. Instead, it would be better if this screen would just show the months starting with the Subscription Term Start Date, which we believe bumps up to the current year when each year‰Û¡ÌÝå»s renewal is done, right?

For an example - https://www.zuora.com/apps/CustomerAccount.do?method=view&id=2c92a0fb495a5b1b01495e3852343f71

On this subscription, you will see its original subscription (Contract Effective Date) starts October 1, 2014. Since it was renewed for 10/1/15-10/1/16, it would be better if the preview started with October 2015 and went forward to the Term End Date, so we would no longer have to scroll through their old (unchanged, already billed) invoices. 

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Coming Soon