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Change the order of Multiple Amendments

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Change the order of Multiple Amendments


Here is my issue : I'm working on Zuora 360 on Salesforce. I want to make an upgrade on one of my Product : I have one Rate Plan "Pack 50" and I want to upgrade to "Pack 250".

I need to perform multiple Amendment on the Same Quote so :

1) I click on new quote from my opportunity,

2) I remove my product "Pack 50",

3) I add a new one "Pack 250",

4) If needed I change "Terms and Conditions".

Issue is the following : whatever I perform my action (I do my change, I save, I click on next...), the order of the Amendment sent in Zuora will be : 1) New Product 2) Remove Product.


My concern is the following : I need to have 1) Remove Product & 2) New Product. It is a technical concern (next, the subscription goes to a provisionning system). 

Basically, I need to do all my actions in the same Quote, because I cannot add to my agent to my the actions in many quotes. It is not logical.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to ask me. 


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