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Re: Cancellation of subscription in next renewal period - Status changed to: Unlikely

Cancellation of subscription in next renewal period

In our company we often have yearly subscriptions for our customers. It happenes from time to time that a customer cancels their subscription, but want to use our services for a couple of months into the new subscription period but not the whole subscription period.


At the moment you can not cancel a subscription in Zuora that has not had auto-renewal. It seems that for Zuora this subscription exists til the next auto-renewal date and not after that. 


In practice this means that we have to have a list of changes in subscriptions outside of Zuora and remember to add this information through amendments once the auto-renewal has been executed by Zuora.


We would like to have a possibility to add information about cancellation or other changes to subscription even before the auto-renewal has been executed. This would defenintely make our lives a lot easier.

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Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Unlikely

Can you

1) Do a T&C Amendment to change auto renewal to no and specify a renewal term

2) Do a renewal amendment

3) Cancel the subscription in the renewal term?


You can potentially use APIs to automate so that it's not as cumbersome.