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Bug in Usage File Template?

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Bug in Usage File Template?

If you visit Usage/Add Usage Records, there is an option to download a Usage File Template. 


One of the columns is named 'CHARGE_ID'. However, if I populate that with a Zuora record ID like '2c92c0f85753deba015757c077ba4766', my uploaded usage is silently ignored. If I populate it with a Charge Name, like C-00019853', my usage record is uploaded.


I think this is a bug. See SOAP API Object Reference for Usage.


Elina at Zuora has just told me that the column names in that template should be interpreted according to their use in the REST API, not the SOAP API. Maybe not exactly a bug, but seems very easy to be misled.

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team
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This is a good point and speaks to a usability issue.


The KC does explain the format, but point taken that it's easy to cause confusion.