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Auto uplift a set of charges at a fixed point in time for a mass of subscriptions

Feature Request:  Customer would like to have the ability to "auto-uplift" a set of Charges at a fixed point in time for a mass of Subscriptions. This "auto-uplift" would essentially create a RemoveProduct Amendment and AddProduct Amendment with the same quantities etc, but taking the latest pricing from the product catalog.

Reference Number: PMT-1018

Business Need: Customer's business wants to change the price at a fixed date, across the product catalog, across all existing Subscriptions

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Is it just me or does this just seem like the stupidest thing ever.


You’re telling me that we have to  amend every subscription every year to do this.


I’m sorry but who is the moron that came up with this idea.  What part of automation is there with this.  And what value is being brought to the table by Zuora?


I’m not a jerk but this is ridiculous.


There has to be a way to set the renewing subscriptions to pick up the new variable set at the tenant level.  If there isn’t than this needs to be a priority as a CPI increases are annual and varies year to year.


This is just poor programming.


Who do we escalate this to.

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I understand your concern based off your use case. I have sent you an email out of band to discuss the above further. 



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I have reached out to the PM and we have scheduled a call with you and your team this week. Please reach out to me directly if you need to reschedule.