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Re: Allow subscription name to be changed

Allow subscription name to be changed

We prefer to keep the subscription name the same as (or related to) the opportunity name in Salesforce. But once a subscription is activated, the name cannot be changed. Sometimes the subscription was manually entered, and the user forgot to set the name, then we get a really terrible name that is meaningless. Or sometimes there is a typo in the SFDC opp name, and it is changed sometime after the Zuora sub has been created.


I wonder why Zuora is so rigid about this? Isn't the subscription ID the unique key?

Zuora Support Moderator

@bolaurent - great feedback here! The one comment I have would be that subscription ID is the unique key for that particular version of the subscription. Once you create an amendment, you will get v2 of the subscription which has a unique ID which may be part of the reason why it currently behaves as it does.


So, perhaps there is a sense in which the subscription name is also serving as a unique key? If so, I suggest that there should be a display name, which is not used as a unique key, and which can be changed.

Savvy Scholar
Seconding that the current behavior of the Subscription Name should remain as-is. It's the only persistent name for a subscription through amendments. @bolaurent, would a custom subscription field for the SFDC Opp serve your purposes?

No, @CKHarwood that would not help, because only the (unchangeable) subscription name is displayed thoughout the ZUora UI.