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Re: Admin user can bulk upload/update multiple products and currency price points

Admin user can bulk upload/update multiple products and currency price points

The problem we are facing is that--today--our only mechanism for adding new products (and rate plans, charges) and updating products/rate plans/charges is through the UI. This can be prone to human error as each entry must be keyed in separately and manually. We will be adding and updating Products/rate plans/charges at an increasing frequency and manual keyed entries will not scale.
We would like a bulk update tool that is usable by a business/non-technical user.
Without diving too deeply into a solution, I believe we would be well served by having a simple tool that accepted, validated, and set up new and updated items through some upload process--for example of a comma-separated value file--with manual steps only to verify the data to be added/updated. This could be through the UI or a RESTful API.
Another possible solution could be more of a "grid-view" into the products/rate plans/charges that allow for multiple data entries on a single pane of view, but this may not be effective for certain use cases.



I was about to post this a a suggestion, lucky i searched first and found this. Our company does price updates on all of our charges twice a year. Currently i manually update each charge on each rate plan - would be fantastic to have the ability to do this in bulk. 

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Is there an update on this idea? We're interested in this functionality as well and were thinking of developing tools to solve this.