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Adding Term Start Date field into SFDC

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Adding Term Start Date field into SFDC

Feature Request:  Right now in SFDC, under a quote, we have the following.
- Start Date = Zuora's Contract Effective Date and Term Start Date
- Service Activation Date = Zuora's Service Activation Date
- Customer Acceptance Date = Zuora's Customer Acceptance Date

Users cannot set Contract Effective Date and Term Start Date separately.  We should add another field in SFDC called Term Start Date and this field should set the date for the Term Start Date in Zuora.

Reference Number: DE7636/PMT-111

Business Need:

Customers have some cases in which they want to the contract to start on one day but actually charge the customer on a later day. The problem is that in SFDC they cannot set Contract Effective Date and Term Start Date different from each other. As a result, if the subscription have
- Contract Effect Date / Term Start Date on 01/01/2011
- An Initial Term is 12 months
- An annual product charge starting on Service Activation Date which is 02/01/2011

Zuora only charges for the product from 02/01/2011 to 12/31/2011 (11 months) because the subscription itself ends on 12/31/2011. Customers want to charge for the product from 02/01/2011 to 01/31/2011 (a whole year) instead.

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Nathan & Products team - good feature. Thanks for the implementation.

Trying to see the screen or Zuora Config for the implemented feature.

Pls. throw some screenshots/pointers to the feature. 


Below are the fields on the Quote object .....please let me know what's the Contract Effective Date.


Customer Acceptance Date zqu__Customer_Acceptance_Date__c
Start Date zqu__StartDate__c
Subscription Term Start Date zqu__SubscriptionTermStartDate__c
Subscription Term End Date zqu__SubscriptionTermEndDate__c
Service Activation Date zqu__Service_Activation_Date__c
Invoice Target Date zqu__InvoiceTargetDate__c
Invoice Date zqu__InvoiceDate__c
Term Start Date zqu__TermStartDate__c


@Vijay The contract effective date is based on the zqu__StartDate__c field.