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Add SKU field at rate plan level

While SKUs are enabled at the Product level, it would be helpful to have SKU fields also at the rate plan level as this is the level by which I invoice a client. I would like to be able to associate each rate plan with a unique SKU so there is no ambiguity when choosing which rate plan to sell to a client. A client could, for example, indicate which product or SKU he or she would like to subscribe to. The sales rep could go off the SKU rather than try to find the rate plan based on rate plan description alone.

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Savvy Scholar

Same here. The Product defines the software the customer is using, the rate plan defines how we sell it. So it's the rate plan that's the commercial identity. If a customer tells us we want SKU XXX then it doesn't tell us enough (do they want to purchase via subscription pricing, with premium support etc)