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Re: Add / Edit / Remove Multiple Rate Plans with Single Amendment

Add / Edit / Remove Multiple Rate Plans with Single Amendment

Current functionality with Subscription Amendments in the UI is that only a single Product Rate Plan can be Added / Edited / Removed per Subscription Amendment. This results in multiple amendments to start, amend, or end a subscription when multiple rate plans are being processed together. It would be very useful to be able to Select Multiple Specific / All when Remove Product amendment is selected, and be able to add / edit multiple rate plans per New Product / Update Product amendment.

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

We are working on a project to introduce a concept of Sales Order into Zuora where you can do multiple amendments like you mentioned, as well as model the initial creation of the subscription as a Sales Order.


This is going to be rolled out in phases probably starting in Q3/Q4 timeframe.

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Coming Soon
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Hi Lei,


We are now in Q4, and I was wondering if this is still on the 2016 roadmap?

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

We are launching this in phases starting Q1.


Current target for Q1: 

a) data model and API support to create and get Sales Orders

b) Zuora for Salesforce integration

c) Metrics around total revenue for an order + unbilled revenue for an order


does not have:  core UI to create an order (the only UI is through Zuora for Salesforce), booking metrics and reporting integration 


Current target for Q2: 


a) core UI to create an order

b) booking metrics and reporting integration



Hello Lei! Do you have any update on this one? Thank you!


@kshah The orders feature is currently in LA which supports this use case. You can submit multiple changes and have them consolidated into a single order with consolidated metrics and reporting. You should reach out to @nathanc or @chris if you are interested in early access to this new feature.


@feisley : Thank you! 🙂


@nathanc Could you help me on the above qyarry? will it be chargable if we get this feature earlier?

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 @kshah will reach out separately via email, we are currently running an Orders early adopter program but need to see if you would be a good fit first.