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Re: Ability to merge accounts

Ability to merge accounts

Use case: Looking for a feature that will merge two accounts into one.  Customer have had a couple of customers who purchased subscriptions, using their personal emails. Some time later, after the first subscription expired, their work or family member purchased another subscription for them, using their second email. So now, they are contacting us, saying "I would just like to use my personal email address to login and use my subscription".

Since they are using internal user IDs in our system, as account number, they cannot change it (as it is not possible in our system). So they customer is stuck with two separate accounts now. They are just hoping to consolidate the two.


Work around to consider: Making the account 1 (personal email) the invoice owner of all the subscriptions created for account 2 (second email). I suggested this as a work around since I am assuming that all the data except for subscription(s) will be the same for the two accounts so moving forward, all invoices that will be created for account 2 will just go to account 1.


However, DE8261/BIL-2981 is created so that we can enhance our application that will have an ability to merge accounts into one. This is currently being review by our Product Management. 

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed

I am in great need of this feature as well!!! having 2 Billing Accounts attached to a single CRM ID causes a ton of issues with our API calls. Is there an established roll out plan and projected timeline on this new feature?

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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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 We use Zuora to sit between our Salesforce.com and NetSuite instances for customers and transactional information.  Both of those systems support merging of customer records - the use cases abound, but fall into 2 general categories: duplicates entered in error, and mergers that occur within our customer base.  Being able to keep our customer data accurate and in sync between our enterprise systems requires an enterprise level feature like this.  Please add this!

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Here is the latest KC article in perfoming the currently manual merge steps:




Hmm, we have seen some issues in the past resulting in multiple billing accounts per CRM account (which I know is how it's designed but we didn't want to use it in that way), we're going through a data cleanup exercise now to re-create payment methods to a single "active (our term)" billing account and "deactivate" the other billing accounts, because we can't transfer payment methods between accounts. This however isn't always possible due there being for example more than one invoice on the billing account we wish to deactivate.


So I can see the value in "merging" accounts here, if such a feature existed it'd help out in this context.

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Hi all,


I'm trying to gauge the level of interest on this one. How many need a feature in Zuora to be able to merge accounts?



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Any update on merging accounts? I can't believe a level of interest has to be gauged in order to have this feature on the product roadmap. This is the most basic architectural feature on any system, that all other systems I use support. 

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Hi Zuroa, 
We saw this feature was moved to "under construction" back in 2016. Can you please advise the status of this feature?