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Re: Ability to combine / merge subscriptions

Ability to combine / merge subscriptions

We are just coming into Zuora, and we have many scenarios where our customers may have multiple products with multiple different renewal dates.  This is translating into multiple subscriptions as we get them loaded into the system.


Going forward, our reps would love to be able to combine and co-terminate these subscriptions to make things simpler for our customers where possible, but at the moment we're telling them that they have to manually transfer all of the lines from the old subscriptions to the new subscriptions because there is no capacity to join these together.


This would be a great help for us, and I'm sure for many other new customers coming on to the Zuora platform!

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I too have similar requirement , a solution or information whould be a great help!

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

This is a good idea, though it's unlikely to be there in the short to medium term.

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Unlikely
Zuora Staff

 @sbradley, @IspitaSaha- each rate plan charge in a subscription can have a different start date (set charge trigger date to "Specific Date") and a different end date (Fixed number of periods after the charge is triggered or a specific end date). Those dates don't have to align to the subscription start or subscription end dates. Would that provide enough flexibility for you?


Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 9.20.40 PM.png


@davidhoang This serves my use case. Could let me know if need to do something to enable this feature.

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@prdpklyn - you should see those options when creating a new subscription or adding a rate plan via an AddProduct amendment. just select the product rate plan name and then click on the charge name to edit the charge parameters:


Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 10.57.35 AM.png


From there, you can override the trigger condition and the charge end date:


Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 10.59.00 AM.png


@davidhoang That helps alot. Thanks much.

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The original post almost exactly describes our use-case too. We have many existing S&U contracts that end near each other (but not on the same date). As we migrate these into Zuora they will create multiple subscriptions. Some combination of co-terming/co-quoting/merging would be helpful. eg 

1) quote for these on a single quote (in Zuora CPQ) even though they are part of different subscriptions


2) merge 2 subscriptions together (in a way that's not 100% manual)