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Ability to align charge to Fiscal Year

Ability to align charge to Fiscal Year

We have a scenario where one of our business units wants to charge our customer's an annual fee but prorated to our company's end of Fiscal Year. Because we have a special business process that we want ot run on these particular customers just before the end of the FY to work out if they're on the right products etc.


For example, say a charge costs $10,000 annually and the end of our fiscal year is 30 September.


We want to start our subscription contract effective today and AutoRenew on 30th September / or next invoice and billing period to be on 1 October.


On one hand we can hack something in like the following:

  1. Enable Subscription "Days" terms
  2. Programatically work out the days between NOW and 30th September
  3. Choose a rate plan with the following charge settings:
    1. List Price: $844.34 / Month (not billing period)
    2. Billing Period: Subscription Term
    3. Billing Date: Charge Trigger Day
    4. Billing Period Alignment: Align to Charge

Problem with this approach is the $10,000 divides horribly by 12 as a recurring number problem. So it's not really possible to get an invoice in this example exactly $10,000 on renewal.


So we'd need to adapt the approach one step further by not having the subscription AutoRenew. And getting our Sales teams to create a New Subscription on the same Billing Account effective 1st October for a different rate plan which has a Billing Period of Annual, List Price: $10,000.


Hacky and we'd have to code up some sort of Batch job to do this, so it's inconvenient.


Instead, can Zuora provide a way to align a charge to an FY, or something similar in product to solve this issue?

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team

Let's see if I understand this.


Are you trying to have the initial term ending on the end of the fiscal year?


If so, assuming we were to have an option to not invoice past the end of term even when it's auto-renew, then I suppose you could set the billing period to be annual and the price to be $10000 / year and everything will work? 

Zuora Product Team
Zuora Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration