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At Zuora, we work with over 900 companies across industries, company sizes and geographies. Based on our experiences working with leading D2C companies, we’ve compiled this special edition of Subscribed magazine.


In this issue, we look at the fascinating journeys of legendary brands as they transition into the Subscription Economy – from adapting to rapidly changing customer expectations to successfully transforming their businesses. We hope you find inspiration and benefit from the success strategies and insights shared.


Inside this issue you’ll find the below stories:

  • The Business Logic Of LTV: Why Amazon Gives Things Away For “Free”
  • The Secret Behind Dollar Shave Club’s Success in One Graph
  • The SaaS Era of Digital Journalism
  • The Churn Relativity Framework
  • And features on Fender, Tesla, CLEAR, Husqvarna, ClassPass, and many more!

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