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[PHOTOS] Subscribed Sydney '16


Check out the photo's from Subscribed Sydney! Follow the links for the direct tweets or follow the hastag #subscribed16 in twitter to see other event updates.




Lane Russell (@laneruss): Great day in Sydney for @Zuora #subscribed (tweet)




Jessica Humphries (@jm_humphries): Sun coming up on what's set to be a spectacular day @#Subscribed16 get on down here (tweet)




Worldpay (@worldpay): Hello Sydney! What an amazing spot for #subscribed16 and to welcome Aus to Worldpay Family #DallasDownUnder (Tweet)




Geo Evangelista (@EvangelistaGeo): Ready to start #subscribed16 in Sydney, couldn't have asked for a better view. Nice to see the Sun got an invite. (Tweet)




Kim Benito (@benito_kim): #subscribed16 event has started. (Tweet)




David Gee (@davidgee): Full Hourse @#subscribed16 #zuora #sydney (Tweet)




Scott Westbrook (@scottw_193): Sydney really turned on the weather for Subscribed Sydney #subscribed16 (Tweet)




Kim Benito (@benito_kim): #subscribed16 Zuora booth for demo 1pm &2:20pm (Tweet)





Zuora (@Zuora)How do you Zuora? tomkrackeler and An Ly walking Subscribed Sydney through our end-to-end solution subscribed16





Richard Terry Lloyd (@terrylloyd1): "Leader" "Filler" "Killer" what @Mcdonalds teaches us about packaging #subscribed16 (Tweet)




Lane Russell (@laneruss): Danny Gravell from @Sensis giving key insights on transformation #subscribed16 (Tweet)




Richard Terry Lloyd (terrylloyd1): Bundling and Packaging your biggest differentiatiors - thank you for the education Simon-Kucher #subscribed16 (Tweet)




Kim Benito (@benito_kim): Energy Austrialia's Embedded Networks startup company explain "Why Zuora" @#subscribed16 (Tweet)




Richard Terry Lloyyd (@terrylloyd1): #dataisgold #subscribed2016 @Zuora + @EnergyAustralia changing the way customer consume energy  (Tweet)





Worldpay (@Worldpay): Thanks to @Zuora for inviting us to #Subscribed16 in Syndey to talk about how the world pays, #DallasDownUnder (Tweet)






Richard Terry-Lloyd (@terrylloyd1): @Worldpay @Ayden @Oracle thank you for sponsoring #subscribed16 Sydney (Tweet)







Zuora (@zuora): And that;s a wrap. But the #SubscriptionEconomy conversation continues: http://community.zuora.com #subscribed16 (Tweet)




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