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Learners’ Lounge v. 2.0 at Subscribed 2018

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Learners’ Lounge v. 2.0 at Subscribed 2018

The Learners’ Lounge is back with more options to discuss your problems and solutions with other users and Zuora teams, learn how others use our products and network with your peers and Zuora experts.


What’s New

  • Mentor Sessions (sign-up required) - Be paired with a Zuora mentor for a 30-45 Minute 1:1 session to work through problems and find a solution. Advanced sign-up required; drop-ins welcome if space permits. Sign Up Here
  • Learning Bar - Your one-stop shop to talk about all things related to Zuora, Connect, RevPro, University, IT, Developers and Community.
  • Table Talks - Open discussion for attendees to learn from Zuora and your peers on topics covered in the User Sessions.
  • Flash Talks - Learn from Zuora Subject Matter experts as they demonstrate Zuora best practices, tips and tricks on a variety of topics.

 Table and Flash Talk Schedule TBA shortly


Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
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