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Thanks for Attending Our Day 1 Community Roundtable!

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Thanks for Attending Our Day 1 Community Roundtable!

Thanks to everyone who participated in today's roundtable about the Zuora Community! We covered a lot of things in our hour-long chat and here are some of the highlights:

  • Having a more granuar search
  • Ways to provide feedback about Knowledge Center articles
  • Customer best practices vs. Zuora best practices (easier to find)
  • Tutorial walk-throughs
  • More screen-shots in documentation
  • More best practices ("How do you do ___")
  • More gamification - win prizes?
  • Better ways to search for ideas + possibility to merge votes
  • Have topics in the community that are similar to breakout sessions

If you attended or didn't have time to attend, I'd love to hear any additional feedback. It could be anything that you love...or can't stand about the Community!  Thanks again for all who attended and reminder that Day 2 is Zuora Best Practices.


We'll also be giving away another Amazon Echo on Tuesday!  If you entered  your card into the basket today, there's no need to re-enter...and yes, we *will* take out any duplicates 😉


Today's winner was Casey Wright from General Motors....congrats Casey (@cjwright85)!



Casey Wright



Community Roundtable



Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
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