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Sneak Peek: User Summit FULL Agenda

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Sneak Peek: User Summit FULL Agenda

User Summit Full Agenda Announced: We have an exciting day lined up for the User Summit, including

  • 35 sessions across 6 different role-specific tracks: Billing and Payment Ops, Finance Ops, Zuora Program Leads and Admins, Developers, Pricing and Growth and New to Zuora.
  • Zuora experts across 11 functions will be leading those sessions, representing Products, Engineering, Solution Architects, Sales Engineering, Strategic Solutions, Customer Success, Engagement Management, IT, and Technical Consultants.


About the 1st Annual “Zuora User Summit”

A full day designed exclusively for Zuora users and partners! Zuora’s first annual User Summit begins with advanced training by role – Billing & Payment Ops, Finance Ops, Zuora Admins, IT/Developers, Pricing & Growth Managers, and NEW to Zuora – to help you succeed at your job! We’ll arm you with detailed material on reporting, Zuora Connect apps, new product features, best practices, troubleshooting, and much more. We’ll also have certifications, hands-on demos and personalized time and support from the Zuora Product Team and Community in our new ‘Learners’ Lounge’.


Here’s a preview of the advanced training sessions you can anticipate:


Billing and Payment Operations

  • “Reducing Involuntary Churn & Supporting International Expansion With Zuora Payments” All Subscription Economy businesses seek to retain their existing customers while they continue to grow. In this session, we’ll cover techniques that support solving involuntary churn (through retry logic, updater services, managing hard and soft declines) and leveraging alternative payment methods to enable growth through international expansion. (Speakers: Product Manager at Zuora, Keenan Simmons)
  • “Unlocking The Full Functionality Of Zuora’s Billing & Payment Engines” Learn about Zuora’s sophisticated billing and payment operations management capabilities, from automation of recurring billing and tax compliance, to our new accounts receivable settlement features. The session will feature a complete overview and selected demonstration of the capabilities of Zuora’s billing and payments system, as well as the many value-added extensions we have developed and delivered through the Zuora Connect platform. Topics will include: recurring billing, advanced AR settlement, featuring credit and debit memos, unapplied payments, item-level settlement, and Lockbox and Collections Applications. (Speakers: Director of Product Management at Zuora, Nick Harlow)
  • “Top Features In Zuora To Improve Billing Operations” Zuora allows you to manipulate every step of the invoice generation process, down to a very granular level of detail. In this session, Zuora experts will walk you through all of the elements of an invoice – how it’s generated, customized, updated, and more. We’ll cover designing, grouping and sorting invoices, setting up bill runs, and configuring notifications for a range of use cases. (Speakers: Customer Success Manager at Zuora, Natalie Kalas; Zuora Customer Advocate at Zuora, Amy Ly)
  • “Essential Reports For Understanding & Managing Billing & Payments At Zuora” In this session, we’ll review reports that are essential for understanding and managing billing processes and payments in Zuora. We’ll cover some examples of commonly generated reports including month-over-month invoiced totals by product and/or charge type (for trending/revenue assurance), electronic payment successes and failures by attempt number, and payment detail reports for reconciliation to payment gateways. (Speakers: Principal Solution Architect at Zuora, David Hoang)
  • “Save Time On Billing & Payment Operations With Zuora Connect” Ever needed to create a payment in bulk, such as a $10 credit for all accounts as a promo? In this session, you’ll learn how Zuora Connect apps can save you time on critical tasks. In this session, we’ll cover how to optimize key billing processes using Connect apps such as Collections Manager, Advanced Payment Retry, and Chargeback and Reconciliation. (Speakers: Senior Solution Architect at Zuora, Richard Sawey; Strategic Solutions Engineer at Zuora, Marin Zaimov)


Finance Operations

  • “Solving For The New Revenue Standards With Zuora’s ASC 606 & IFRS 15 Solutions” As a Zuora customer, you’re accustomed to unparalleled flexibility in pricing and subscription management. But how do you pair this flexibility with the new revenue standards that are soon taking effect? Join this session to get an overview of Zuora’s brand new performance-based revenue recognition product. Recognize revenue in accordance with the new standards and be fully compliant without sacrificing flexibility. (Speakers: Product Director at Zuora, Peush Patel; Chief Accounting Officer at Zuora, Paolo Battaglini)
  • “Answers To Commonly Asked Finance Operations Questions” This FAQ-style session will cover the groundwork of Zuora’s Finance operations engine: accounting periods, GL segmentation rules, segmented journal entries, and more! We’ll share best practices when it comes to audit and compliance, as well as use cases relevant to a Zuora user in a Finance role. (Speakers: Revenue & Finance Advocate, Monique Romero)
  • “Expedite Finance Processes With Zuora Connect” In this session, we’ll dive into tools that automate and expedite finance processes. Topics include the collections workflow engine; loading accounting periods in bulk; making mass changes and reconciling data with the Billing Preview tool; and creating, updating and/or deleting records in ANY Zuora object in bulk with the Generic API Loader. (Speakers: Engineering Manager at Zuora, Taylor Medford; Engineering Manager at Zuora, Karol Chudy)
  • “More Efficient Finance Reporting” Do you spend a significant amount of time gathering data and creating reports to analyze your business’ financial health? In this session, we’ll walk through the steps for reporting on net retention by cohort, determining subscription churn, and generating revenue detail reports. (Speakers: Principal Solution Architect at Zuora, David Hoang)


Zuora Program Leads & Administrators 

  • “Generate Complex Quotes Seamlessly” With Orders in Zuora, you can create complex quotes to manage ramp deals, unlimited amendments, and multi-subscription quotes. Come to this session to learn about all the features and functionality that allow for faster quoting. (Speakers: Product Director at Zuora, Nathan Creswell)
  • “The Benefits Of Subscription Order Management: A Look At Zuora’s Latest Product Release” Zuora’s latest release includes a rich new way to capture and manage subscription orders and measure subscription bookings. You can now create multi-year deals in just a few clicks, get a richer set of bookings metrics, and lay a solid foundation to easily adopt the new revenue recognition standards coming into effect soon. Join this session to see new orders capabilities in action and learn how you can adopt this new capability. (Speakers: GM Products at Zuora, Monika Saha; Product Director at Zuora, Chris Bruner)
  • “An Admin’s Guide To Hacking Notifications In Zuora” Zuora’s notification capabilities can save you and your end users time and help you better manage business relationships. In this session, we’ll cover key notification functionality (merge fields supported, HTML templates, SMTP server for reporting and bounce backs) plus demo our new Notifications on Any Event functionality. (Speakers: Sr. Product Manager at Zuora, Lukasz Weber; Sr. Solution Architect at Zuora, Jo Gray)
  • “Zuora for Salesforce: Advanced Topics” Are you a Zuora Admin looking to expand the out-of-the-box functionality of your Zuora for Salesforce package? In this session, we’ll help you get the most out of your Zuora for Salesforce integration by walking you through concepts such as upgrading your versions enhanced product selector and configuring advanced settings. (Speakers: Sr. Solutions Engineer at Zuora, Maksim Demin; Engineering Manager at Zuora, Eric Neto)
  • “A Beginner’s Guide To The Zuora Connect Marketplace” What is Connect? How do you use it? What are some of the apps that extend the use of Zuora? In this session, we’ll answer these questions and more, walking you through apps that solve real-world admin use cases. (Speakers: Connect Product Specialist at Zuora, Chris Drew)
  • “Mastering Zuora Reports For Advanced Admin Use Cases” As a Zuora Program Lead and/or Admin, you’re likely called upon to gather user data, often for audit or compliance purposes. In this session, we’ll review how to use Zuora to pull commonly generated reports like a User/User Role Export. (Speakers: Senior Structural Designer at Zuora, Deepak Kumar)
  • “The Zuora Business Use Case: Getting Strategic Value From Zuora Over Time” As your business needs shift and evolve, you’ll need to determine how Zuora can support these shifting demands. To do this, you need a deep understanding of the product, and the ability to connect it to business priorities and initiatives. This session focuses how to extract strategic value from Zuora to align with your shifting business needs. (Speakers: Senior Sales Engineer at Zuora, Jonathan Brown)



  • “Zuora for Salesforce Customization & Development” This session, designed specifically for Developers, will cover: working with Order Builder, integrating Zuora Quotes with Salesforce workflows and approvals, creating custom fields, and following best practices for rules (including when to use a rule versus custom code). (Speakers: Sr. Solutions Engineer at Zuora, Maksim Demin; Engineering Manager at Zuora, Eric Neto)
  • “Reporting APIs To Delight Your Data Scientist” Join this session to learn more about Zuora’s object model, AQuA, data sources and Reporting APIs. Walk away knowing how to make full use of our reporting capabilities to meet your business data needs. (Speakers: Sr. Solutions Architect at Zuora, Kevin Lussie)
  • “Tips For Working With Zoura’s New API Gateway” Integration can be painful! Through demos and use-case examples, you’ll learn tips to make it easier. We’ll cover Zuora’s new API gateway, SSO, as an authentication method, authorization, and steps to access our new microservices. (Speakers: Manager, Software Engineering at Zuora, Scott Ellis)
  • “Understanding Zuora’s API Framework” In this session, you’ll learn about Zuora’s object model, our basic and enhanced APIs and data sources. You’ll leave ready to get started!: (Speakers: Sr. Solutions Architect at Zuora, Kevin Lussie)
  • “Comprehensive Overview On Fresh, New Zuora APIs” In this session, we’ll share best practices (and creative tips) for programming so you’re able to best manage the transition to our full REST API endpoint. Get granular with our experts and learn about our eCommerce based APIs, scalable API integrations, and common authentication as we work through sample use cases. (Speakers: Lead Consultant at Zuora, Nishith Agarwal)


Pricing & Growth

  • “Using Zuora Reports To Evaluate Pricing Strategies” It’s easy to feel like you’re “flying blind” when it comes to understanding the effectivenes of different pricing strategies. In this session, we’ll review how you can use Zuora reporting to gain valuable insight into pricing strategies. You’ll learn how to run reports on MRR by product, rate plan, and region; and track the effectiveness of promo codes and A/B testing. (Speakers: Principal Solution Architect at Zuora, David Hoang)
  • “Agile Pricing & Packaging Strategies With Zuora” Subscription businesses use multiple strategies to drive growth, including nimble billing systems that enable highly adaptable pricing and growth strategies. In this session, we’ll review Zuora functionality that drives business growth – including the ability to discount, prorate, offer free trials, and support a range of foreign currencies. (Speakers: Sr. Solution Architect at Zuora, Richard Sawey)
  • “Using Zuora Insights To Identify New Growth Opportunities” You’re always looking for new ways to grow your subscription business — whether it’ s converting more free trials into paying customers or through upsells and cross-sells. Join this session to see Zuora Insights in action and learn how our analytics solution will help you find and capture new revenue. (Speakers: Insights Product Manager at Zuora, Kevin Suer)
  • “Real-Time Usage Rating & Threshold Notifications” Zuora is excited to share two new features: real-time usage rating and threshold notifications! In this session, you’ll get an overview of why we’re building the features, how they work, and how to get involved in the Limited Availability program. For threshold notifications, we’ll also share common use cases and explain how the two features are connected. (Speakers: Product Director at Zuora, Oleksandr Prokhorenko)
  • “Leveraging Connect Apps to Support Pricing & Growth” Do you use Zuora to steer your company’s growth strategies? If so, don’t miss this session reviewing all of the most useful Zuora Connect apps for your role, including Promo Codes, Price Books, and Customer Catalog. (Speakers: Product Director at Zuora, Alvin Beyerlein; Engineering Manager at Zuora, Karol Chudy)


New to Zuora

  • “Zuora Functional Training & Best Practices For Beginners” Are you new to Zuora, and looking to get oriented to Zuora’s core functionality? Our Zuora expert will start with the basics, and walk you through the Zuora workflow end-to-end with. By the end of the session, you’ll have created a product catalog, customers accounts, and subscriptions, and will have worked through the billing workflow to understand everything that goes into a payment run. This session will give you a working knowledge of Zuora concepts as they relate to your billing workflow, as well as some best practices to get you started. (Speakers: Technical Trainer at Zuora, Matt Holland)
  • “What Are The 9 Keys & Why Are They Important?” Zuora developed the 9 Keys to be used as a blueprint for building a subscription-based business. Join this session to learn about the foundational framework upon which a successful subscription business can scale. After this session, you’ll be equipped not only to get the most of your Zuora implementation, but also to optimize and continue to grow your business post go-live. (Speakers: Senior Manager Global Services at Zuora, Gene Finley; Engagement Manager at Zuora, Julie Hodge)
  • “The Basics Of Zuora Reporting” The metrics you use to manage a subscription-based business are different from those of a traditional business. In this session, we’ll review the metrics you can easily track by running Zuora reports — both out-of-the-box and customized reports. (Speakers: Sr. Instructional Designer at Zuora, Kamini Kumar)
  • “Zuora For Salesforce: An Introduction” In this session, we’ll walk you through the Zuora360 sync for Salesforce to provide a comprehensive overview of the Zuora for Salesforce integration. Topics include how to sync your product catalog from Zuora, configure the end-to-end quote creation flow for all types of quotes, perform an account and related object sync from Zuora, and sync accounts and related records over to Salesforce. (Speakers: Sr. IT Solutions Engineer at Zuora, Ming Xu)
  • “Save Time On Critical Tasks With Zuora Connect” In this session on Zuora Connect, we’ll cover what it is, how to get the most out of the Connect marketplace, and some of the most popular apps that extend the use of Zuora. We’ll also discuss how new apps are created and added to the marketplace. (Speakers: Connect Product Specialist at Zuora, Chris Drew)

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