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Day 3 Community Roundtable: Developer Meet-and-Greet

Community Manager

Day 3 Community Roundtable: Developer Meet-and-Greet

Developer Meet and Greet


In the Learners' Lounge, the Community booth's roundtable series ends with an opportunity to meet our Zuora engineers. If you're a developer, this is the one roundtable you should definitely make time for.


When: Day 3: During Networking Breakfast (8:30a-9:30a) at Community Booth, Learners' Lounge
What: The Ultimate Zuora Developer Meet-and-Greet
Agenda: Where else at Subscribed will you be able to directly converse with 15+ Zuora engineers to pick their brains on what powers Zuora? From meeting Zuora’s chief architect to authors of the Community’s engineering blogs and release notifications, this is the one Community Roundtable you won’t want to miss! So grab your breakfast and meet the technical rockstars behind Zuora.


Guaranteed Attendees: Plenty of Zuora engineers and possible guest appearances from Zuora’s Senior VP of Engineering Brent Cromley, Engineering VP Mu Yang, and our Chief Data Scientist Carl Gold (Subscription Economy Index).

Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
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