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Breakout Session Details

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Breakout Session Details

Here are additional details of Tuesday's (June 6th) breakout sessions:


Breakout Sessions

Track #1: Growth

If success means rapid and sustainable growth, look no further. The “growth” track will help you discover proven strategies, success stories, disruptive trends, and key metrics for SaaS and D2C companies.

  • “Disrupted Or Disruptor: Learn How The Next Wave Of SaaS Companies Is Disrupting Everything” Global dynamics and technology are enabling the disruption of old industries such as farming and waste management, and rapidly creating new markets across the map, from communication to transportation, and even marijuana technology. How are SaaS companies innovating at such a rapid pace? Learn from some of the fastest growing SaaS companies, including MJ Freeway, DataBricks, and TeamSnap, about how how today’s SaaS is capitalizing on shifting trends and changing the playing field. (Speakers: CEO at MJ Freeway, Amy Poinsett; CIO at DataBricks, Hatim Shafique; Chief Growth Officer at TeamSnap, Ken McDonald)
  • “The B2C Sprint To 10X Subscriber Growth” Growth companies are always looking for that “blue ocean” in which they can define a segment, quickly build a critical mass of customers, and dominate market share. In this session, we’ll look at what it takes to become a leader in your space and 10X your growth. Presenters from a wide range of Direct to Consumer industries (e.g. Luxury Goods, media and more) detail how they successfully develop, monetize, and maintain a massive, sustainable customer base. Topics include pricing iteration, leveraging subscription data, managing complex global payments, and building a seamless and scalable customer experience. (Speakers: CFO at Eleven James, Adam Sloan; Co-Founder, President & CFO at CLEAR, Ken Cornick)
  • “How To Drive Cross-Functional Accountability: What Are The Metrics That Really Matter?” As the Subscription Economy continues to grow, a new framework is needed to measure and analyze business health, and provide insight into the entire customer subscription journey. This new framework is powered by subscription metrics: forward-looking metrics — from ARR to churn — that predict business performance. In this session, finance executives from Slack and SurveyMonkey will discuss how best-in-class companies use metrics to drive growth. (Speakers: VP Finance at SurveyMonkey, Karim Damji; SVP, Finance & Operations at Slack, Allen Shim) 
  • “Turn Customer Data Into Winning Subscriber Experiences” Since 2012, subscription businesses have been growing nine times faster than companies on the S&P 5001 – proving that the shift to the subscription economy is a lucrative one. The reason why is because customers today have different expectations and are demanding new experiences. If a company delivers, they can win in this space. But how? The answer lies in your subscriber data. Master this and unlock growth opportunities through more conversions, increased retention, and greater revenue per customer. (Speakers: Chief Data Scientist at Zuora, Carl Gold; VP & GM at Zuora, Matt Darrow) 
  • “Achieve ‘Super-Grower’ Status With Strategic Pricing & Packaging” Pricing and packaging is one of the most important levers that subscription businesses can pull to drive growth. Super-growth companies know that taking a strategic approach to monetizing services is critical to their success. In this all-star session, Price Intelligently will moderate a panel of execs from some of the biggest names in SaaS. Topics include the up-market journey, pricing model shifts, creating and managing cross-sell and upsell strategies, and using subscriber identity to optimize pricing. (Speakers: CEO of Price Intelligently, Patrick Campbell) 


Track #2: Finance

If you’re a seasoned finance professional, are laser-focused on ASC 606, and/or have taxation or payment questions, this is your must-attend track.

  • “Workshop: ASC 606 Application For Subscription Companies” (Full-Access Pass Required)” An interactive, 3-hour workshop covering insights, emerging interpretations and real-life examples pertinent to the Subscription Economy’s adoption of ASC 606. Designed for revenue analysts, controllers, accounting managers at SaaS/Cloud or Software companies, topics will include applying the series guidance, volume based fees, standalone selling prices, allocation practicalities, service add-ons and pricing changes, early renewals, and more. It will also include comparison with the current revenue practices. Seats are limited; register by May 10th and receive 3 CPE credits. (Speakers: Partner, Technical Accounting & IPO Services at Connor Group, Ravi Kumar; Partner at Connor Group, Denis Kozhevnikov; Manager of Global Accounting at Connor Group, Caroline Yan)
  • “Sales Tax Automation: Subscribing To A Strategy For Software & Tech Companies” Planning out your growth strategy? Keep tax in mind. Even if you’re doing your best, managing tax manually is a drain on your business. Avalara offers a scalable sales tax compliance solution that stays flexible throughout the growth of your business. (Speakers: Strategic Alliance Manager at Avalara, Debbie Leaver)
  • “The Internet Of Things & Payments” By 2020, five billion people will be online, with 25 billion devices and machines using the internet. All types of devices and machines will share data and services – from smart street lighting to connected cars. The way we engage with machines and devices will fundamentally change. It might seem an unknown entity but the opportunity is real. Is your business ready? Join the presentation to find out how the Internet of Things will become part of your customers lives, and the complexities businesses will need to address: The legalities of who is authorizing this payment; The behavioral and regulatory challenges; The security of the device or machine it is connected to; How to process transactions and facilitate chargebacks and refunds (Speakers: Director of Technology Innovation at WorldPay, Nick Telford-Reed)
  • “Subscription Revenue & 7 Things To Consider For ASC 606” By now, you’ve probably heard about the upcoming new revenue standards. Adopting ASC 606 and IFRS 15 is going to be extra tricky for subscription businesses. For example, how should you recognize revenue for an evergreen subscription under the new guidelines? It gets complicated. Join this session to hear from two leading revenue recognition experts. Learn about the 7 things every subscription business must consider for ASC 606 and how to prepare your company for the new revenue standards. (Speakers: VP of Services at Leeyo Software, Karthikeyan Ramamoorthy)


Track #3: Technology

Join Zuora’s own Product, Engineering, and IT teams to discover Zuora’s distinct platform and how we think about building and implementing a cutting edge product.

  • “6 Engines Of The Zuora Platform” Running a subscription business is completely different from running a traditional product-centric business, from how you price to how you recognize revenue. From its inception, Zuora was built especially for subscription business models. In this session, we’ll discuss the challenges intrinsic to a subscription business model, from quote to cash. And, through a live demo, you’ll discover how the 6 Engines of the Zuora platform work to manage all subscription order-to-cash processes. (Speakers: Senior Sales Engineer at Zuora, Greg Gamp)
  • “Our Move To The Public Cloud: How Underlying Architecture Impacts Our Users” Zuora started as a traditional SaaS company. Rapid changes in the service delivery landscape these last five years has prompted us to move Zuora’s service architecture to the public cloud. Join our session to learn how this fundamental shift lets us deliver an even more seamless and scalable platform for our customers. Our technology team will talk about the internal evolution and the positive impact it has on our customers. (Speakers: Senior Manager, Technical Operations at Zuora, Levon Stepanian; Director Infrastructure Engineer at Zuora, Jai Singh)
  • “Do You Believe In Your Own Product? How Zuora Uses Zuora” How can you expect customers to buy into your product if you don’t have full buy-in yourself? In this session we will explain how we use Zuora internally to grow our business. We will demonstrate how our Reference Architecture highlights our Zuora-on-Zuora strategy and how we optimize the quote-to-cash experience using Zuora’s latest technology advancements. Also, see first-hand how we used our internal implementation to give honest feedback to the product development team to drive beneficial changes for our customers. (Speakers: IT Sr. Business Systems Analyst at Zuora, Jennifer Cruz; Business Systems Analyst at Zuora, Susana Castro)
  • “Powering Deep Customer Understanding: How Zuora Uses Zuora Insights” Implementing Insights, Zuora’s analytics product, has transformed the way every department in our organization operates. See how Zuora is using Insights internally to: Grow revenue by uncovering new upsell opportunities; Reduce churn by driving engagement and leveraging predictive algorithms; Build a better product by relating feature usage to financial outcomes; Validate and align data across internal systems. (Speakers: Sr. Director of Engineering at Zuora, Karl Goldstein; IT Sr. Business Systems Analyst at Zuora, Jennifer Cruz; Business Systems Analyst at Zuora, Susana Castro)


Track #4: Transformation (Full-Access Pass Required)

Digital disruption is creating both an opportunity and necessity for established enterprises to harness digital innovation and deliver new sources of value for customers, often through subscription-based services.

Zuora’s exclusive Enterprise Transformation track is dedicated to winning the battle of disruption. This single-track, afternoon set of sessions are for executive-audiences only – this is not your standard transformation pitch. A full-access pass is required to attend.

What will you walk away with?

An actionable playbook on four, cross-industry business model transformation strategies where industry experts like Deloitte, Simon-Kucher & Partners, and our innovative customers have laid the groundwork on what you need to do to fight back. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with our global executive guests to share ideas, learnings, and strategies for success.

What four transformation strategies will you receive actionable insight on?

These scenarios will be at the heart of our discussion and are four strategic plays we’ve witnessed consistently across our 800+ customer base:

  • Moving Direct-to-Consumer to reclaim the subscriber relationship

  • Re-thinking distributors & channels in the Subscription era

  • Expanding to adjacent markets to capture the full subscriber experience

  • Managing the tradeoffs when moving from Product to Subscription – from CAPEX to OPEX

What type of information will be shared?

This uniquely curated set of sessions will outline the why, the how, and the technical approach so you end the day with a clear picture of your next steps:

  • Macro-trends and sources of disruption,

  • Scenarios you’re considering and perhaps struggling with today,

  • Critical-to-success processes & technical capabilities, and

  • Recommended approaches to transformation, value metrics, and lessons learned.

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