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Subscribed '16 is over. Now what?

Community Manager

Subscribed '16 is over. Now what?

Now that Subscribed '16 is over, there are several ways you can maintain the momentum of everything that you've learned:

  1. Check out the Subscribed 2016 Recap where you can find Tien's keynote, press releases, breakout session content and photos.
  2. Join a Community User Group where you can connect with other Zuora users in your area or find a group of folks that share your Zuora interests.
  3. Learn more about our Limited Availability Program which is a great way for us to test our new features and get feedback from actual customers.
  4. Stay up-to-date with all things Zuora by subscribing to our Announcements which cover the latest news about Zuora, Release Notifications and Partner Announcements
  5. Have an idea to help make Zuora better? Browse through our Ideas forum and vote up the ones you like...or share a new one!
  6. Share your key takeaways here in the Subscribed '16 user group.

I trust that all of you had a wonderful Subscribed '16 experience and look forward to seeing you at next year's Subscribed or at one of our Subscribed popups!

Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
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