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Make Sense of Standard Reports

Zuora Staff

Make Sense of Standard Reports

If you’ve ever felt like running an accurate report is like pulling teeth, you’re not alone. Running reports can be a serious challenge. That’s why we’ve launched this campaign to educate our users on how to leverage the standard reports that are already available in your Zuora account.

Dive Deeper!

In this Zuora Life Hack video we discuss how to:

  1. Customize a standard report (the example used is "MRR by Product")
  2. Schedule a recurring report
  3. Share your report with others

Need help on a specific reporting category? Try these!

Reporting Series

  • Part 1: General Reports Overview (You're currently on this page)
  • Part 2: Booking
  • Part 3: Billing
  • Part 4: Cash
  • Part 5: Revenue

If you get through all five parts of this campaign and feel like you are still not resourced to customize the reports to meet your business needs, let us help! Post your question or comment below on this community page.