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Introducing: the SME Sessions Group

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Introducing: the SME Sessions Group

Happy 2018 and thanks for your interest in this group!  


As the Community hits its 2nd year, our goal is to give Community members as much access to Zuora experts as possible.  Last year, we introduced the SME webinar where we had various subject matter experts (SMEs) share their prowess either in live sessions or pre-recorded videos. We've also begun a new series of Zuora best practice tips ("Zuora Life Hacks") in this group, which has received a lot of positive feedback - and users wanting more short and easy-to-digest sessions on specific topics Zuora experts.


We've heard your requests and I'm happy to announce that this group will be renamed "SME Sesssions" where you can continue learning the ins and outs of Zuora from our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)!


By joining this group, you'll receive announcements of our live sessions hosted by our SMEs where you can ask questions in real-time, access a library of pre-recorded SME video presentations on a wealth of topics, and learn Zuora tips and tricks.


We'll be sharing our upcoming schedule very soon and, in the meantimg, we welcome your suggestions on topics you'd like covered.


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