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How do I reconcile my Payments in Zuora to my Gateway?

Zuora Staff

How do I reconcile my Payments in Zuora to my Gateway?

Q: How do I reconcile my Payments in Zuora to my Gateway?


A: Before you start processing payments in Zuora, please make sure you check with the Gateway to have the field enabled to receive the Payment # from Zuora when the payment details are sync'd over. For example, you should receive the Amount, transaction date, reference ID, Payment # (P-00012345)


Once you start processing payments in Zuora, you will receive a Gateway report at the end of the period from your Gateway and you will use the report in Zuora in the Accounting periods > balances tab > download detail report to reconcile the payments. (Please note at the end of the period, you will have a few payments delayed due to the month end close settlement in the Gateway.)

You will process a Vlookup against the two reports using the Payment #. If you forget to enable the payment # field in your Gateway, you can add a segment in your Finance settings > Configure Segments > Add Segment > Choose object > Payment method or Payment > choose field name (Payment method type for payment method) or (Ref ID or gateway for payment) and click save. These fields added to the report will help you with the reconciliation.

Go back to the accounting period > Run the trial balance > Click on the balances tab > click on the download detail link to open the report. Filter the report by the transaction type: Payment, Payment Application, Refunds, etc. then you will be able to process a vlookup against the Gateway report by Payment # or reference ID.

Please see the screenshots below:


Image to add Segments

configure segments.png


Image to Run trial balance and download report

AP detail report.png


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