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Unreleased Revenue in the RC header vs. Unreleased Revenue in Contracts/Orders tab


In RevPro Workbench, why is the Unreleased Revenue in RC header different from the value in the Contracts/Orders tab? For example, in the following graphic, the Unreleased Revenue is 92585 in the RC header and it's 26000 in the Contracts/Orders tab. The Revenue To Date is also not sync with Released Revenue.




Unreleased Revenue in the header: This unreleased revenue is calculated for the line that is not released in this RC, which includes the unreleased contractual revenue and adjustment revenue.

In the RC example shown in the above graphic, there is one line that has not been released and this line has the adjustment of 66585 and its contract value is 26000. So, the total unreleased revenue is the sum of adjustment revenue and contractural revenue of all unreleased lines, which equals to 92585.


Unreleased Revenue in Contracts/Orders tab: The unreleased contractual revenue of the line, which is 26000 for the line in the RC example.


Revenue to Date: This value is the total revenue that has been recognized up to the current period. It is calculated for the line that is recognized in the RC. The total revenue includes Contractual Revenue, Adjustment Revenue, and VC Adjustment. In the RC example, there is only one line recognized. The contractual revenue of this line is 69000, the adjustment revenue is -66585, and the VC adjustment is -2415. So, the Revenue to Date value is 0.

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