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On-cloud RevPro Sandbox Maintenance Saturday, Aug 11, 2018, 7.30 PM PST to Aug 12th 01.30 AM PST

What: Maintenance of On-cloud RevPro Sandbox application
1. Critical CPU July 2018 Patch Update
2. Change timezone to EST for APP and WEB host.
3. Migrate Boomi to the new server.  
4. Move SFTP to the new server. 
5. Migrate DB & app from old VPC to New VPC for Angular UI.

When: Saturday, Aug 11, 2018, 7.30 PM PST to Aug 12th  01.30 AM PST


How Does This Affect You: You will not be able to access Sandbox application during the maintenance.  There is no action or changes required on the customer side. 

Contact: For any assistance, during or after the maintenance period, please submit a ticket at http://support.leeyo.com or contact Zuora RevPro Support Desk at 1-888- 883-2821.


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