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How to release the Auto POB line?


Auto POB is applied to a line. How can I release this line in RevPro?



In RevPro, the Auto POB line cannot be manually released. If you do need to release the Auto POB line, you must first reassign this line to another POB in the RC. After that, you can manually release the line. 


To reassign the line to another POB in the RC, do the following in RevPro Workbench:

  1. On the Revenue Contract Detail page, hover the mouse over the line in the Contracts/Orders tab and click the menu icon.
  2. Click Move Line > New POB or Move Line > Existing POB.
  3. In the pop-up window, select the appropriate POB template for the new POB, or select the existing POB.
  4. Add your comments and click the save icon. 

After the line is moved out of Auto POB, you can manually release it.

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