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How to add a field to the report layout?


How can I add more fields to a report layout?

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Re: How to add a field to the report layout?


The report layout defines the data to be displayed in a report. You should edit the report layout to add more fields to one report.


Note: The predefined report layouts in RevPro are not editable. To make any changes to the predefined layout, you must first make a copy of the layout and then edit the copied layout. For information about how to copy a layout, see Run Reports.


Complete the following steps to edit a report layout:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Run Reports.
  2. Click the tab of a certain report category to view all available reports of this category.
  3. Find target the report and select a layout from the dropdown list. 
  4. Click Edit Layout. The Edit Layout window of the selected layout is displayed.
  5. In the Edit Layout window, select the fields that you want to show in the report from the Available Fields list and click the right arrow icon to move your selection to the Selected Fields list.
  6. Save the changes and close the window.