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Deleting Waterfall MJE?

How can you delete a waterfall MJE from booking in the future? For example, a waterfall MJE was booked to recognize revenue ratably over the remainder of the customer's term however the customer has now cancelled. How can we cancel the MJE to recognize the revenue in full (versus ratably over the term?)

RevPro Support

Re: Deleting Waterfall MJE?

Hi Ryansp, 


There is no option in RevPro to cancel the MJE batch as such. Only reversing an MJE batch is possible based on the reversal period once MJE is approved.



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New Student

Re: Deleting Waterfall MJE?

Could this option be added to the roadmap? It would be really helpful for us as well to have an option to stop/delete a waterfall MJE.