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tracking upgrades and downgrades


tracking upgrades and downgrades

Hi Guys, 


How we can track upgrades and downgrades via the new reporting tool?




Zuora Alumni

Re: tracking upgrades and downgrades

Hi Alina - I'll start by saying that making this kind of analysis easier and more powerful is one of our major focus areas over the next 3-4 months That said, let me highlight a few of the things that you can do readily now.


1. Count different types of subscription changes


The report below shows a count of how many different types of changes were made to your subscriptions. It's grouping by the type of amendment, the rate plans involved, and the timing of the change.




2. Look at overall MRR change


Using the report below, you can look at MRR for all subscriptions that started before a certain date. You can use this to understand overall MRR expansion and contraction. For example, say I have one subscription per customer and want to understand how much net expansion / contraction I have seen over the last year. I'll filter so that I'm only looking at subscriptions that started before 6/1/2015.


Then, I run the report once to see how much MRR those subscriptions had one year ago, on 6/1/2015.




Then, I run the report again to see how much MRR those same subscriptions had one year later, on 6/1/2016,




You could also group by account to see how this plays out customer-by-customer and get a more detailed view of sources of expansion and contraction.


Note: the above works well if you have one subscription per account or if all subscriptions for an account coterm together. If you have multiple subscriptions per account that do not coterm, then you'll need a more sophisticated query to figure out MRR expansion over time. I can talk more about that if there is interest.


As I said, I expect a lot to happen in this arena in the near future, but I hope this gives a starting point. If you want to go in more depth in the meantime, let me know, and I'll post some additional information about how to do that.