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Release 1.5 now available in API SBX

Zuora Product Team

Release 1.5 now available in API SBX

We are excited to announce Zuora Reporting release v1.5 to API Sandbox.   We plan to release v1.5 to the Production environment on 7/20.


Release v1.5 includes the following new features:


  • New, Expanded Standard Reports organized in four categories: Booking, Billing, Cash, and Revenue
    • The number of standard reports is growing from 17 to 49
    • We are organizing the reports in each category (e.g., Booking) into three subfolders:
      • Outcomes (how is the business doing?)
      • Drivers (what is driving the outcome?)
      • Actions (what can I do about it?)
  • Localization Support for Japanese, German, French
    • This includes language translation for all labels and text in reporting as well as localization of date and number formats
    • Localization of standard report names and descriptions is planned for a future release
  • Linking to an Object Name, Number, or ID from within a report
    • Within reports, you can now click on unique identifiers for many objects (e.g., Account Number) and automatically travel to the details page for that object
    • Linked objects include Accounts, Products, Subscriptions, Amendments, Invoices, Payments, Refunds, and Users, among others
Zuora Alumni

Re: Release 1.5 now available in API SBX

Users with some browsers (e.g., Chrome) may have to enable popups on zuora.com the first time that they try to using the object links in reporting. See example of how to do this via the popup blocker icon in your browser address bar in Chrome.