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I just joined this group last week and am trying to create a report. Is there any place I can find general information on using the new report tool? One thing I'm trying to figure out, for starters, is what the difference between Summary and Detail is? It looks like the Excel export (which is the main format we'll be using for the reports) is just displaying the summary fields/information? So the fields I add in the Detail part isn't included when I export the report to Excel?




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Re: General help

Hi Sofie,


There are two quick videos that provide a great orientation on how to use the new Reporting tool on these pages of the Knowledge Center

Create a Detail Report and Create a Summary Report


Detail reports are like regular tables of data and Summary reports are like pivot tables with multiple dimensions and groupings on both the X and Y axes.  

Filter conditions are the primary piece shared between Detail and Summary reports in a report that happens to have both types or reports combined.  That would be useful in cases where you want to look at both the details and the summarized (aggregated) values of a measure given equivalent boundary conditions or filter settings.