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SubscribeOptions to Support Future Dated Subscriptions

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SubscribeOptions to Support Future Dated Subscriptions

Feature Request: add the ability of the SubscribeOptions to support future dated subscriptions

Reference Number: DE5894

Business Need:

A customer has experienced several irregularities on the result of the SubscribeOptions. When we further checked, we verified that one of the accounts in question was created on 03/17/2011. Since it was created thru a subscribe(), the subscription was also created on 03/17/2011. However, the triggering dates of the subscription is set as 03/18/2011.

The reason behind this is that the API Sandbox server is running 2 hours behind CST, hence the createdDate and contractAcceptanceDate were off by 2 hours and that explains why the invoice wasn't generated on demand but was later processed when the bill run came through.

Currently, the design of the SubscribeOptions is that if it is not passed, it would default TRUE and would generate an invoice and process a payment on a subscribe(). However, it is not designed to support future dated triggering conditions of a subscription even if the options "GenerateInvoice" and "ProcessPayments" are passed as TRUE on the subscribe().

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