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Separate Report for Custom Role and Permission Details

Separate Report for Custom Role and Permission Details


I know we have a report for User list which is good. The other report that should be made available is one that indicates the role and the permission values for what is selected. An example for this would be an OOTB report that pulls all roles and lists out the available permissions and indicates which permissions are selected for each role.


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 Hello Zuora Support,


This is something we will need for SOX reporting too. Ideally it will list out all the different role options (Z-Platform, Z-Billing, etc.) and show which user groups have pemissions to which permissions in the outlined groups. For example, Z-Billing Standara User has access to "Manage Subscriptions/Amendments" and "Delete Subscription/Amendments" under "Subscriptions", but does not have access to "Override Revenue Recognition Rule". We are currently reporting our data in a martrix format, but it is all manual. If you would like to see an example of what we are looking for, please let me know.


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I too am looking for a solution to export the various roles and which permissions are enabled.  This is also a requirment for SOX.  I agree that it's currently a tedious process to copy them into a spreadsheet.


If there's anything that can do this currently would be good to know about.  Any API options?