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Re: Run Report to File Instead of Web Preview

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Run Report to File Instead of Web Preview

While there is value in having Summary Reports display in the UI at runtime, Detail Reports are rarely going to be used within the web-browser. This would also avoid the additional steps and time involved with exporting the report. In current functionality when a report is run, only after the web view has been rendered is the option to Export it made available. Depending on the report, its parameters, and result set, this can take a considerable amount of time.


It would be very useful to have the option to choose if the report should rendered to the web interface or saved to a file at runtime.

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@bsanders - once you start running a report, you do you need to wait for it to finish. You could click away and continue working on other reports or in other parts of the application. When the report is finished, you can find the link to download the result (and skip the result page altogether) by clicking on the 'Manage Report Runs' link in the upper right corner of the reporting home screen. Does that help address the need here?

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@chris  - Yes that works as a stop-gap measure.