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Reporting on bounced emails

Reporting on bounced emails



We believe it would be very beneficial to be able to run a report on emails that have bounced, specifically to know which customers have not received their invoice.



Thank you.


@nataliemcguire Zuora has suggested using the REST api to export notification histories.  Here's the article, Notification History  We went down this path years ago, but it does not provide much information that we were able to use in a way that someone in the business could act upon.  Still doesn't capture infromation regarding bounced emails.


Also, I believe if you use your own email server instead of Zuora's to send emails, you might get some additional information on bounces since it is your email server sending, but not sure what extent that would be.  That information is here Configure an SMTP Server for Email Notifications


Ultimately, I agree that what is needed is a report in Zuora that's configurable for any given notification type and day sent and then the results show how many customers were attempted, how many failed due to no email, how many were successful, and how many were undeliverable for whatever reason.  It should include relevant account information like name, number and not just the email address so that a user in Zuora could find the record quickly and act to correct the issue.  a non developer solution is desirable.


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Are there any updates to this request?  This is useful as we're having several customers not receiving their invoice email notifications.