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Report which shows the details of a Sub before and after an amendment

We have a need to pull reporting which shows us the details of a sub before and after an amendment. Right now the reporting we've managed to pull, we can see if something is an amendment based on the version, but the date of the amendment reflects all products.

Here's an example of what we'd like to see:

SUB XX has a storefront product at $x.xx from 5/1/2016 - 5/1/2017 and on 6/25/2016 a Featured Vendor product was added and the rate is now $x.xx


We opened a support ticket and were told how to pull something from data sources, but Revenue Recognition has to be turned on and set up to use this, and we do not use the rev rec feature right now. We feel there should be a way to pull this data without using Revenue Recognition.

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@spaolozza - is this needed for a single customer or as a summary across customers? Within the Zuora application. you can see this kind of before / after view by clicking into a specific subscription and looking at any of its amendments. 

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Status changed to: Under Consideration